My Current Project

My current project is maybe in it’s 3rd or 4th version — but, so far, we haven’t quite solved the formula.

I love the vision for it … Shop any Main Street in the world from your computer.

Shoppers love the vision … more than 500,000 have signed up to Shop On Main.

….. alas, main street shops have yawned.  They simply aren’t excited about serving customers online.  They signed a lease, moved into a storefront, purchased inventory and hired team members to serve the people in their community [NOT to serve people online].

I know, the people online are the same people, yet, somehow we haven’t quite been able to convince them it’s worth their time or effort.

I do predict with some confidence (for whatever that’s worth 🙂 … this trend around platforms will be the most significant shift on the internet over the next few years.  In fact, we are already in the middle of it.

Look, I’ve been online for 20 years, I don’t make that statement lightly.  This is one of the things I know for sure everyone else is wrong about.  Shoppers do care WHO they buy from.

If you have some risk capital and you don’t mind flossing the glass from your teeth, then come find me.  This rocket will give you a story that’ll last a lifetime. As anyone who’s had a drink in any bar in Seattle will attest, you can’t finish a good bourbon without someone telling their Amazon story.

I’m easy to find and just that tiny effort of finding me is how I know you’re serious … so here’s to the square pegs of the world, I can’t wait to meet you!

Wishing You Many Blessings,
Square Joe Smith