Who is Square Joe Smith?

Square Joe Smith FamilyWell, I’m a definite square peg, hence this domain name.  I enjoy time with my family, but I also enjoy time alone to think. I find very, very few people can be alone with their thoughts. They simply have to be distracted with their phone, television or something every waking second.

I’m a startup business guy through and through.

Of course, don’t believe all the kind words said about me.  I’m just a startup guy who’s been extremely lucky with the teams I’ve been a part of.  I will admit that I do enjoy staring into the pitch black of the abyss, with chunks of glass stuck between my teeth. But the rest is as much luck, as skill or anything else.

There’s something about the extreme level of problem-solving involved in a startup business that’s incredibly addictive for me.

I realize living constantly on that infinitely steep end of the 80/20 skew curve makes me a pretty odd person indeed.   In my experience, almost no one is a true startup person, I’ve only met a few dozen in my entire life.  Of course, it’s fashionable right now, so lots of people claim to be startup people, but in fact, are really more accurately described as “early stage” people.

Early stage people are much more comfortable investing in or joining a startup team AFTER it’s clear the rocket will indeed take off … but don’t ask these people to invest in building the rocket or join the team that is working to build the rocket (that’s far too risky for them and they’ll only create more stress in the team).

So when starting a business, look for square pegs!

I’m always looking for true startup people; investors & builders.  If you don’t mind flossing the glass from your teeth, then please come find me!  If for no other reason than to share stories.  We are a very rare breed and we have to support each other because 99% of the world thinks we should be hospitalized.

Oscar and Square Joe in our favorite thinking spotI’m easy to find. I’m often right here on the porch, which is one my favorite thinking spots.  I’ve got the open space of our farm, Oscar (our dog) and the sound of the waterfall … if this isn’t paradise, I’m not sure what is. Though, as you can see, Oscar often goes for a swim while I’m thinking 🙂

Either way, just that tiny effort of finding me, is typically enough to weed out most of the ‘early stage’ people … so here’s to the builders, the square pegs, the true startup people, I can’t wait to meet you!

Square Joe's back yard

May Today Be the Start of a Lifetime of Blessings,
Square Joe Smith